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Embossed Chill Roller -Textured  Random Pattern Coating 

MGF Services Successful Prototype Project  
" Embossed Chill Rollers" for the Packaging and Converting Industry with our textured random pattern coating.

Our customer wanted to have alternative surface option that would create a similar pattern that is produced by engraving process. The following are steps we took for a successful outcome:

  • MGF 's team started out with the customer's engraved pattern sample .
  • Match " customer's "  sample with coatings to produce a similar pattern. 
  • Model lab rolls for pretesting MGF's random pattern coating approval.
  • Communicated closed with the OEM for our coating preparation for  the fabrication of the chill rollers.
  • Completed (3 ) 30" Diameter Chill rolls x 132" with our random textured coating.  

It was a successful outcome, the customer was very pleased with pattern and cost savings.  The 30" Chill Rolls have been running since 2018 and working as expected.

This is one of many  projects that MGF Services that have made an impact for the packaging and converting industries.  To learn more about how we can provide you solutions to your next project -contact Mona or click the button below.

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Reconditioned Anvil Rollers for Food Packaging Industry

These are anvils rolls that have direct contact with diamond perf rollers.  Overtime they create a perforated pattern that is transferred to the anvils,  which causes a problem in the substrate.

MGF Services provided a coating that enhanced the original surface to extend the life of the anvil and saved the customer $$ verses buying new.

MGF Services's coatings have provided multiple solutions to similar projects with big cost savings.  Give us a call or email to learn more.  


We handle all of your equipment coatings needs under one roof!

MGF Roll Services & Specialty Finishes

The majority of our Coatings work is for Rollers...of every size, shape and application.

Whether you're in the Printing, Packaging, or Converting Equipment industry, having the proper coatings on your rollers and other equipment parts is vital. We offer all types of coatings to help protect your machinery and extend the life of expensive and vital parts.

We also work with the Food processing, Film, ink, paper, plastic, rubber, metals, specialty metals, steel and wind energy industries. Chrome roller repairs are very popular requests at MGF Services.

We offer the following types of Coatings:
  • Rilsan
  • Chrome
  • Ceramic
  • Reinforced Teflon
  • Carbide
  • Plasma
  • Other High Release Coatings
  • Rubber applications for multiple industries

In addition to Coatings on your existing Rollers, we also offer New Core Construction (New Fabrication).

This before/after photo depicts a Drive roll to de-coil steel. Chrome roller repair is one of our specialties. We completed this work for a project in the Wholesale Seating industry.
NAICS Code - 42321007
SIC Code -5021
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Chrome Applications for all Industries

Download our information sheet to learn more about our Chrome products and services. MGF Services performs superior chrome roller repair for all industries and applications.

Download "Chrome-Services.pdf"

Rubber Roller Fabrication & Coverings

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  • Flexible packaging
  • Printing
  • Newspaper
  • Textiles
  • Corrugated
  • Metal Decorating

MGF Services provides a turn-key product: New or recovering your old core, grinding, grooved patterns with precision and custom made to your specifications.

Request a quote: sales@mgf-services.com

Plasma Coatings / Treatments

We offer a variety of coatings to salvage worn parts, mis-machined and new components. This restores the life of critical parts, and surfaces are enhanced to improve performance. Industries served; printing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering.

Capacity for Coatings:
Outside Diameter: 72" x 240"
Internal Diameter: 5" x 40"


• Applications: winder drum, reel drums, re-reelers, felt rolls, segmented slitter guides, sheeter draw rolls


• Tungsten Carbide/cobalt/chrome Coating-HVOF
• Applications- Suction Press and Sym Rolls in paper mills. Ideal for super-calendaring, cast film extrusion


• Application - Idler Rolls and components used in adhesives, hot plastics and other tack material

METALLIC COATING ( Sealed Aluminum coating)

• Aluminum/epoxy coating provides dual protection against corrosion.
• Application: Fly Rolls, in the Supercalendar section.
• Coating thickness: .006/.010
• Max. service Temp: 250 degrees
• Surface Finish: 100-200 Ra
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Rilsan/Nylon Coatings

Download our information sheet on Nylon or Rilsan coatings. In the roller coatings market there are many applications for Nylon, if you want more for your investment, the number one leader is Rilsan®-11. Nylon has replaced copper and ebonite as the standard ink roller covering today. Though there are many types of nylon, only one is specified by most Original Equipment Manufacturers, and that is Rilsan®-11. This material has proven to ensure superior ink receptivity, whileproviding significant advantages in terms of cost, durability, and wear resistance over other types of coatings.

Download "MGF-Rilsan.pdf"

New Coatings for Old Parts 

Download our information sheet on Coatings. Proper coatings protect your machinery and extend the life of expensive parts, making it a very smart investment for any shop.

Download "MGF-Coatings.pdf"

In addition to Coatings on your existing Rollers, we also offer New Core Construction (New Fabrication).