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MGF Services celebrating our valued solutions to our loyal customers.  We have increased our capabilities with the same quality and excellent service.   We are ready for your next project or repair. 

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History of MGF Services

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Mona doesn't remember ever being far from the printing industry. Her grandfather, Ewald Kleist, ran his own printing press company in 1922, Milwaukee, WI. Austrian immigrant Walter Friedl, her father, put his skilled craftsmanship to work in the new world by repairing and rebuilding presses. After gaining a reputation for his abilities to troubleshoot and innovatively redesigned the big presses, his customers told him to strike out on his own. From the two-car garage begun in 1976 with young Mona at his side, Walter and his family built a growing business that prided itself on innovation, quality, and the quest for solutions.

In 1995, just as the needs of the industry were changing, Ms. Mona Friedl stepped up as CEO of North-West Machine. She analyzed the market and refocused business in response to market changes, successfully revamping operations and productivity. In April of 2004, with over 25 years of experience in aftermarket parts and service for the printing maintenance and repair industry, Mona closed one door and opened another: MGF Services, LLC.

" The biggest key to success in my world is trying to find new ways to keep servicing customers. Many of our services we offer today have been developed based on listening to our customer needs. Aftermarket products and refurbishing leaders today differentiate themselves by providing better services and improved product solutions. Innovation and creativity are vital to developing these services and products." Mona Friedl
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