Machine Shop Services

When it comes to Machine Shop Services, no project is too massive for our 25-ton overhead crane system.

Download this document to learn all about our Machine Shop Services.

Download "MGF-MachineShopServices.pdf"

Former Board & Nose

Former Board & Nose Refurbishing is one of our core competencies. These parts are what make the folding process in printing presses possible. Our experience with repairing and coating Former Boards & Noses is extensive.

Download "MGF-FormerBoard.pdf"


Download our information sheet on Coatings. Proper coatings protect your machinery and extend the life of expensive parts, making it a very smart investment for any shop.

Download "MGF-Coatings.pdf"


Download our information sheet on Nylon or Rilsan coatings. In the roller coatings market there are many applications for Nylon, if you want more for your investment, the number one leader is Rilsan®-11. Nylon has replaced copper and ebonite as the standard ink roller covering today. Though there are many types of nylon, only one is specified by most Original Equipment Manufacturers, and that is Rilsan®-11. This material has proven to ensure superior ink receptivity, whileproviding significant advantages in terms of cost, durability, and wear resistance over other types of coatings.

Download "MGF-Rilsan.pdf"

Chrome Finishes

Download our information sheet to learn more about our Chrome products and services.

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