Coatings / Treatments

We offer a variety of coatings to salvage worn parts, mis-machined and new components. This restores the life of critical parts, and surfaces are enhanced to improve performance. Industries served; printing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering.

Capacity for Coatings:
Outside Diameter: 72" x 240"
Internal Diameter: 5" x 40"


• Applications: winder drum, reel drums, re-reelers, felt rolls, segmented slitter guides, sheeter draw rolls


• Tungsten Carbide/cobalt/chrome Coating-HVOF
• Applications- Suction Press and Sym Rolls in paper mills. Ideal for super-calendaring, cast film extrusion


• Application - Idler Rolls and components used in adhesives, hot plastics and other tack material

METALLIC COATING ( Sealed Aluminum coating)

• Aluminum/epoxy coating provides dual protection against corrosion.
• Application: Fly Rolls, in the Supercalendar section.
• Coating thickness: .006/.010
• Max. service Temp: 250 degrees
• Surface Finish: 100-200 Ra


Ceramic characteristics make them a superior choice over carbon hardened or stainless steel, copper and chrome processes, which are subject to high-surface wear. Ceramic dampening rollers provide outstanding performance and require less maintenance than chrome rolls because of their unique ability to resist abrasion and corrosion while maintaining a consistent surface finish across and around the entire roll.
Ceramic can be impregnated with other materials such as Teflon ® for use as easy-cleaning or traction-control idlers, depending on the surface specified (smooth or rough).
This before/after photo depicts a KBA Commander Pull Roll newly recovered with Tungsten Carbide coating.
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