Printing Industry Services

MGF Services has dedicated over 40+ years as a partnership supplier to the Printing Industries for Web Offset, Sheet Fed, and Flexo presses. We provide a full maintenance package: Repair, Aftermarket Parts, coating experts, and equipment Optimization. Good Quality used equipment available.

The MGF Advantage
  • Experience
  • Integrating Technology for better parts
  • Single source (Turnkey) capabilities
  • ISO process and manufacturing and repair capacity
  • Delivery when expected
  • Unmatched customer services and solutions

Goss FD Idler -Paper wrap-up

One of customers sent us this idler after a paper wrap-up. In our inspections we determined that this roller was beyond a repair option. This video demonstrates how severe this roller was bent.

Web Idler Rollers Available

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MGF's services reverse engineering process manufacturers new replacement idler, splicer, etc  for many machine brand names.  Give us call to discuss your next purchase so we can pass along our savings in time and money  compared to other vendors and OEM.

Here are some of the OEM part numbers that we have manufactured: 
  • Conti Web Idler Grooved Roll - Part no# WH998909- 5.8" x 60.250"
  • Goss Conti Web Grooved Tacho Roll- part no# W143341- 5.8: x 60.250" 
  • FD Grooved Splicer Roll - Part no# WH115804 -5" x 83" 
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