Slitter Rollers -Solid and Tubular construction For The Printing & Packaging

Slitter rollers, also known as Harden Anvil, crush rollers, or work rollers, are key components. Folders and slitting equipment can be a bottleneck if rollers are not maintained. Avoid costly downtime with our new Slitter Roller that has been shown to achieve up to 2.5 + times the life of OEM standards.

These new rollers undergo a cryogenic treatment and that extends the benefits of heat treating optional Armoloy finish with a surface hardness of 78Rc.  Our track records shows we have installed slitters that have been in operation for over  5+ years. For more information on cryogenic treatment of metals and other materials, download the PDF below.

Benefits of Cryogenic Treatments

Download this document to learn how cryogenic treatments enhance the performance of metals. It's a unique process that utilizes ultra-cold temperatures to modify the micro-structure of materials.

Download "Cryogenic Treatment.pdf"

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