We have 6 Color Hantscho Mark 6A -that must disappear!!!
Cut off 22.776 x 36" Width
Max Web Width 35.5" -Single Web
25,000 Max Rated Speed
  • 6 x Offset Print Units with Duatrol Dampening
  • GMI Closed Loop (288 ink keys)    
  • Butler 50” Max Dia. X 36” Wide Splicer
  • 2 x 18’ TEC Ovens
  • UV Coating 
  • WPC Web Guide Infeed
  • WPC Web Guide Slitter 
  • Egan Folder/Sheeter
  • Combination Folder 
  • Console 
  • All accessories and components are available!!! 
CONTACT MONA ( 1+414-5315735) FOR DETAILS 

Printing Press Roller Sale !

We hope you are safe & healthy during this extended Covid crisis.  MGF Services is here for you to support your business with parts, service and Equipment.

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We know what it takes to run almost any type of machinery smoothly. Broken part? We can fix or replace it. Efficiency problems? We can make it run good as new. Upgrading, closing facility?  We buy and sell used equipment.

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Thank you for your excellent service and response time, you were on schedule as usual.  It’s a pleasure to do business with you. 
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